The Web of the Cross

Jesus of the People Janet McKenzie (Used with Permission)

Jesus of the People Janet McKenzie (Used with Permission)

This site is a meditation using the Way of the Cross. Each “station” is linked to a web site that invites you to a response in faith to the suffering Christ in our global village. Some sites provide a directed meditation, others take you to a page of links for your reflection.

This series is based on the  Stations of the Cross released by the Congregation of Rites in 1975. You might also like to visit the Online images of this series of the Stations by Peter Schipperheyn, created for Notre Dame University Fremantle. W.A.

This site has its origins in a Spirituality Project of the Catholic Justice and Peace Commission in Brisbane for 2000, the Year of Great Jubilee The 2011 version has been updated and includes a a  musical reflection for each station.

How to Pray Online

Set aside a regular time for this prayer, perhaps when you ‘boot up” each day or as a way of closing your day’s work.Take your time to let the image music or text find a home in your heart.

The images music and text on your screen are provided as a visual aid to your prayer. As you move through the sites offered you will need to use the “back” button on your browser to return to this page.

It is recommended that you spread the” Stations” over several days or the whole season of Lent.The box indicating the number of each station is linked to the Scripture reference. The title of each station takes you to a reflection web site.

Spend some time in silent “companionship” with each station. There is a link below that provides a form for you to share your reflections on this experience. As these comments may be published on this site I suggest you only use a first name or initials for the sake of identity. No email addresses of contributors will be published.

Station 1
The Last Supper 

Music:We Remember

Station 2
The Garden of Gethsemane  

Music: Lead Kindly Light

Station 3
Jesus before the Sanhedrin  

Music: Be Not Afraid

Station 4
Jesus before Pilate  

Music : Give Me Back My Jesus

Station 5
Jesus is whipped and crowned with thorns  

Music: On Eagles Wings

Station 6
Jesus carries his cross  

Music: If You Want Your Dream To Be

Station 7 Jesus is helped by the Cyrenean  

Music: Amazing Grace

Station 8
Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem  

Music: We Are

Station 9
Jesus is stripped and nailed to the cross  

Music:PETROS GAITANOS – Idou O Nymfios

Station 10
Jesus and the Good Thief  

Music: Christ be Our Light

Station 11
Jesus speaks to Mary and John 

Music: Stabat Mater

Station 12
Jesus Dies 

Music: Behold Behold the Wood of the Cross

Station 13
Jesus is Buried  

Music: On The Turning Away

Station 14
Jesus rises from the dead  

Music: A Russian Resurrection

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Imagine a new Spirituality

Centre for the Arts and Religion

God in the gallery (Laura Gascoigne)

Prayer Windows –

This site is about how to pray with art. It presents a web gallery of works of US Jesuit Bob Gilroy designed to inspire viewers’ faith as well as their desire to be more creative. There is also an online retreat, a more organised, extended version of prayer with paintings based upon the Spiritual Exercises by St. Ignatius, and a series of essays on prayer and art (including ‘Spiritual Art Can Serve Others‘).

The Gallery of the Passion

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The Spirit of Women

World Day of Prayer


The First Supper Susan Dorothea White

Dorothy Day

Esther John

Hildgarde of Bingen,

Jean Houston

Julian of Norwich

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The Spirit of the Earth

Catholic Earthcare Australia
Catholic Conservation Centre
Christianity and Nature
A Statement of the U.S. Catholic Bishops on Global Change
Environmental Ethics & Public Policy Program
Liturgy Resources
Murri Spirituality
Statement of Pope John Paul 11 Jan 17 2001
Justice priest tells Tasmanian forest congregation that ‘God is a greenie’
Biography of Thomas Berry (NCR August 2001)
Ethics and Ecology A paper delivered to the Harvard Seminar on Environmental Values Harvard University, April 9, 1996 by Thomas Berry
An Electronic Archive of Selected Papers by Thomas Berry
Best medicine — a healthy globe (NCR August 2001)
An interview with Thomas Berry, by Betty Didcoct

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    The Spirit of our Land

    Peter Kearney

    The First Supper Susan Dorothea White

    The Australian Student Christian Movement

    The Australian Quaker Homepage

    Aquinas Academy

    Eremos Institute

    Web of the Cross

    A History of the MANDORLA ART PRIZE

    The Monastery A Passionist project in Adelaide

    Prayer for our Time The multimedia prayers available on this and linked pages require the Flash™ plug-in for your web-browser as well as a sound card and loudspeakers. The Flash™ plug-in is available as a free download from

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    Spirituality for Global Mission

    World Christian Meditation Community Logo

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    Jesus of the People

    Jesus of the People

    Jesus of the People

    Janet Mackenzie

    Late in 1999 Janet McKenzie’s painting “Jesus of the People” was selected winner of the National Catholic Reporter’s competition for a new image of Jesus by judge, Sister Wendy Beckett, host of the PBS show “Sister Wendy’s Story of Painting”. In the words of Sister Wendy, “This is a haunting image of a peasant Jesus – dark, thick-lipped, looking out on us with ineffable dignity, with sadness but with confidence. Over His white robe He draws the darkness of our lack of love, holding it to Himself, prepared to transform all sorrows if we will let Him.”

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